Special Care Givers


We pay above industry average wages and provide bonus opportunities and health care coverage to those who qualify.

We search for the best and we are able to hire the best.

  • All in home caregivers hired by our company have completed the required training to become a Washington certified nursing assistant or home care aide and passed the state test.

  • When a certified nursing assistant (CNA) or home care aide (HCA) applies at Wright's Home Care he or she must demonstrate his or her knowledge and competency by passing a written test and validate her actual skills with our management team.

  • All caregivers are subjected to a federal criminal background check, including fingerprinting.

  • All caregivers must have an acceptable driving record, auto insurance, and a reliable car.

  • All caregivers must have two positive work related references demonstrating experience working with the senior population.

  • All caregivers must have a 2 step tuberculin test with negative results.

  • All caregivers possess certification in CPR/ first aid.

  • All caregivers are subject to drug testing prior to hire.

  • We want to assure your caregiver is a good fit! A member of our management team will personally 
    introduce you to your caregivers and orient your new "assistant" to your special needs and preferences right in your home!

  • We serve a limited number of clients and are not focused on volume. By doing so, we can be sure our caregivers have full and ongoing supervision by our management staff through frequent phone contact and in-home visits.

  • Caregivers and clients have direct access to management team  24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our on-call phone to answer questions or intervene if there is a crises!

  • All caregivers are fully covered by our professional liability insurance!

  • Wright's Home Care goes above and beyond to assure you are secure.